Dressage Training at Its Finest



Lennox Dressage based out of Suddenly Farm in Lumberton, NJ offers training for both horse and rider with FEI Rider and USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist Erin Scelba-Johnson. A seasoned competitor and long time instructor Erin has a knack for connecting with each individual horse and rider. She is the trainer of a number of USDF Bronze Medalist's who are working towards their Silver Medal. Erin strives to become a better rider and trainer each day. She continues her dressage education by working regularly with Jane Landau of Landau Dressage of West Windsor, NJ and also with Leif Sorensen of Denmark.
Erin is currently competing Lennox at I-1. Lennox is a 16yo Danish WB who was

purchased as a 6yo and trained by Erin through the levels. He is qualified for the CBLM Championships at PSG and I1.

EMR Arising is Erin's newest acquisition. He is a 6yo Morgan gelding getting ready to start his show career this summer.

Ashiroh is Erin's retired Grand Prix horse, a 21 yo Danish gelding, He was a wonderful teacher and is enjoying the easy life.


August 3rd
SGSDS Schooling Show at Fidler Run Farm.  EMR Arising's first outing off the farm. Paula Zimmerli-Angulot will also be showing.

July 5-6, 20014

Congrats to Erin and Lennox for their 1st and 2nd place at I1 at Dressage at the Park.

July 27th

Suddenly Farm Schooling Show

Couture owned by Stephanie Phelan won Training Level 2 with a 67% at her first show.  EMR Arising in his first show was Training Level Champion.